Aeromic Hipster Pouchbelts

Aeromic Hipster Pouchbelt is a variation of the standard microphone belt with the pouch angled 45 degrees (on an adjustable 96cm length belt). Wear it on your left hip whilst on a bike making the Bodypack's on/off switch easier to access and allowing the headmic cable to shoot off under your arm and stay out of the way. When it's time for your floorwork and crunches just switch it to your right hip; the mic cable goes up in the air and the connector doesn't dig you in the ribs!

Available in Black, Red or Blue, the Hipster is a popular alternative to our standard vertical Pouchbelt. We believe these mic belts are a supreme alternative to horizontal pouchbelts made by other manufacturers, as the horizontal belts encourage "tug on the plug", or a cable/connector problem caused by stressing it at a sharp right angle. 

You can also order an adjustable 50cm Belt Extender (Black only) for $10.00

Made of neoprene - Hand Washable

NB. Offer is for Aeromic Hipster micbelt only. Cyclemic and Fitness Audio U-series transmitter featured are not included.