AppAudio Solo Wifi Transmitter with Send Antenna

Not just for silent fitness classes but for assistive listening too! 

The AppAudio Assistive Listening System uses the power of Wi-Fi and smartphones to provide great sound to everyone in any venue that needs it. From the back-of-the-hall and overflow rooms it will reach the hard-of-hearing attendees. Everyone has a better experience for a fraction of the cost of old style analog assistive listening systems such as loop, RF, or IR. 

The system is easy to use: 1. Listeners download the free AppAudio App from 2. In Settings select the Wi-Fi name for the venue’s service. 3. In the App, tune into the streaming audio feed and, if appropriate, pick which language they want to hear. 

The system is easy to set up: Connect one (stereo) or two (mono) line-level audio sources using the cables and connectors provided. Typical audio sources are from microphones or line inputs via pre-amplifiers, audio mixers or TVs with audio outputs. Connect the AppAudio MAA2AW to the Local Area Network (LAN) or to a wireless router like a Ruckus ZoneFlex AP. Plug in the power supply, and the system is up and running. 

How it works: The MAA2-AW system works by sending digital audio signals over standard Wi-Fi to Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. It replaces old-style analog transmitters. With support for many Wi-Fi access points, the system scales from the lobby to the auditorium. Smart phones replace expensive specialised receivers. The MAA2-AW can support either one stereo or two mono audio streams. The AppAudio MAA2-AW makes it possible to turn a smartphone into an Assistive Listening Device. 

There are many ways to get from a smartphone to their assistive listening devices for the hard of hearing. Those with a mild hearing loss will find that ear buds are just fine. Other people might have hearing aids that use T-coils, low power Bluetooth, etc. A neck loop, for instance, is a great way to connect to a T-coil equipped hearing aid. Bluetooth, or better yet just a small cable, are great ways to connect a hearing aid streamer to a smartphone. 

The MAA2-AW is excellent for bilingual relays since two languages can be broadcast at once without interference or signal leakage. And you won't have to buy a second transmitter - just listen to the one earbud with the language you understand. 

There are many advantages to using Wi-Fi Audio from AppAudio. The lip sync is excellent - the delay is a small fraction of a syllable. Fidelity is CD-like. AppAudio has been working with this technology for more than four years. Their systems are robust in all sorts of network environments. Because Wi-Fi is universal, it works around the world without spectrum issues. For systems that are connected to the Internet, it uses negligible Internet bandwidth and does not interfere with Internet access. 

When connected to the internet, you can also use it for in-app marketing, social media and informative PDF documents. You can include a welcome video, sliding banners, and event schedules within the app. Internet access is also required for an array of advanced features including remote software updates, error logs, remote channel label editing and audio level correcting. 

Specifications: The MAA2-AW streams audio from line level audio sources to smart phones and tablets over Wi-Fi in a venue. The system requires: The AppAudio Apps for Android or iOS. A single level-3 local area network, either 100- or 1000-baseT (i.e., 100 Mb or Gigabit Ethernet). The connector is a RJ45. The Bonjour protocol must be enabled and supported. A quality wireless access point supporting 802.11n or better with WMM prioritisation enabled. A DHCP server to provide IP addresses. (Static IP addresses can be set before shipping on special request.) One line level source for each audio input. The MAA-01 uses RCA connectors for either one stereo (default) or two mono connections. 240V AC, the system uses 6w of power or less. The system is FCC and CE-Mark certified.

The basic software package includes: Scanning banners Hosted Offers Hosting of documents in pdf format! Welcome image or video Click through capability to URLs

This product is only available to Australian customers.