NEW! Limited Edition Aeromic Black Styles

 See below video for a better view of these limited edition pouch belts. 

These limited edition mic belts will hold your Beltpack Transmitter from all the major wireless brands like Shure, AKG, Mipro, Chiayo, Fitness Audio, Sennheiser, JTS and others in style! It also holds different types of smartphones, iPhones or iPods if you listen to music while you walk, run or ride. 

PouchBelts feature an adjustable buckle for waist sizes up to 96cm with a standard vertical pouch. Recommended for occasional use at special classes and instructing events. 


Made of neoprene - Hand Washable (sparkle and colours may fade over time - please use care)

All our Aeromic mic belts are designed and made in Australia