Mini Stack System with 10 Inch Speakers

Fitness Audio Mini Stack System #2 featuring 2 x 400 Watt Powered B-H10 Powered Speakers from DB Technologies. A BIG sound for smaller rooms.

The Mini Stack System #2 is a powerful alternative to System #1, making it a suitable choice when the classes are more intense (think HIIT classes), the instructor is more of a Commander and the participants are like new recruits!

You get the Fitness Audio Mini Stack, which provides the UHF Wireless Mic components, the AeroLink® Bluetooth™ Receiver and the Aeromix® Mini Mixer, PLUS we add a pair of 400-watt Powered B-Hype 10" 2-way speakers from the renowned Italian company, DB Technologies. Each speaker contains a digital amplifier matched to the speaker drivers. The B-Hype's deliver a very full sound for small-to-medium size rooms with up to 40 people in the class with a builtin limiter to protect the speaker if it gets turned up a bit too much! 2 x 21-metre cablesare also included for the speakers.

DB Technologies quality speakers are backed up by a 3-Year Australian Warranty!

Everything you need to teach classes - Just add your own music!

You also score our reliable E*Mic headmic with a Fitness Audio Beltpack Transmitter and an Aeromic Pouchbelt.

Optional Extras: Choose between Speaker Tripods or Wall mounted Speaker Brackets to get them off the floor and up to head height, a LM-30 Loudness Monitor to check the sound level at all times (perfect for WH&S concerns), or you may want to upgrade the E*Mic to either an Aeromic or Cyclemic headmic for your instructors to use in sweatier group fitness classes. 

*Price does not include lockable glass door cabinet (available as an add-on)

Command your troops with the Mini Stack System #2!

All this shipped Australia wide, freight free! 

Two extra speakers can be added for only $1095 AUD 

This product is only available to Australian customers.