The Challenger + Aeromic Portable PA Package

An iPod®, smart phone or MP3 Player ready Portable Fitness Sound System.

Everything you need to teach classes - Just add your own music!  

Also suited for Corporate, Community and Schools fitness classes is the Chiayo Challenger portable sound system that features a 16ch 630-650MHz UHF Receiver with a 75w powered 10" 2-way co-axial speaker inside. It can be powered by AC mains or the built in rechargeable batteries. Updated recently, the Challenger is now supplied as standard with a Digital Music File Player from a USB Stick or SD Card and a Bluetooth Receiver module for iPod® and all smartphones playback. It also comes with a protective dustcover for storage off site.

Completing the package is an Aeromic AM11 microphone and pouchbelt with a matching Fitness Audio UHF Belt pack transmitter.

A heavy duty tripod is available as an add on to get the system up to a standing height for easy operation.

Options: You can choose between an Aeromic or a Cyclemic for this system and you can also pay a bit more to have our new Mini Transmitter supplied instead of the standard Beltpack one. If you do choose the Mini Transmitter then we will supply it with a Mini Tx Pouchbelt for an Aeromic or the Mini Tx Armpouch with a Cyclemic. See them on the Mic Belts pages

This is a CD free system reducing your concerns about downtime for repairs. However, a fitted CD/USB Player with Remote Control is available if required. Select it in the Add-ins menu.